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Rukorah Special… At Roka

16 Jul

You may have heard about my lovely Ruki, one of my oldest friends (I’ve known her since I was born!), who also doubles up as my girl crush – she is THAT faaabulous!

As a cultured lady about town, Ruks is always on point with the restaurant recommendations and is one of my main restaurant go-to-gals.  Despite our disgustingly incompatible diaries, we always make time to catch up and have a girly laugh and decided to make it a monthly Must Do!  I’ve coined our catch ups the Rukorah (Ruki+ Deborah) Special!

A few months back, I blogged about our impromptu trip to Byron and our next catch up had to be documented.

Ruks took me to Roka, a Japanese restaurant on Charlotte Street, London.  The spot is uber cool, and I wouldn’t expect anything  less from my Ruki.

On arriving at the venue, it was clear we would be in for a good night.  The vibe in Shochu, the bar upstairs was crazy, sexy, cool and the dimmed lighting and animated din of savvy conversation in the restaurant downstairs set the mood.  To add the final cherry on top, as we waited for our meal to arrive, we spotted Emma and Matt Willis dining across the way, looking lovingly into each other’s beautiful faces.  Awww!

We went for the Tasting Menu to ensure we sampled everything and it was a real treat.  I liked some things more than others, but overall, it increased my appreciation for Japanese food and in particular, sushi (before, I wasn’t a huge fan!)

Food aside, as always, the evening was full of laughter, gist and cocktails.  I cannot wait for the next Rukorah Special with my Ruki Mama!

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