The Mrs Club! …and Wedding Cake

1 Jan

Firstly I’d like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!  Welcome to 2012!

Wedding fever is well and truly on the way to achieving world domination!

This post is inspired by one of our very own Ladies Wot Brunch, who recently got engaged.  It’s funny because we have conversations about proposals, engagement parties, wedding days and the success behind marriage, swapping  knowledge and war stories.  So when she announced she got engaged it was absolutely amazing!  Not only was everything we’d spoken about actually happening for her, we’d all be there each step of the way to support and of course pick up handy tips!

I won’t give the game away as she’ll probably blog about it herself later (details to follow), but the proposal was absolutely stunning – romantic and personal to them.  Awww!

What struck me about this recently engaged couple, was not the amount of love and respect between them (of which there is PLENTY!  You merely need to see the HUGE smile on her face whenever she talks about him) or even the fabulous wedding they’re bound to have (I can’t wait!).  The thing which I thought was pretty spectacular about the engagement was the beaming-bride-to-be’s acute level of organisation.  As you’d expect, the proposal took place during the evening, which was then followed by several phone calls, text and instant messages to share the good news with family and close friends. Given the fact that she was travelling the following day and would not have time to recount the story to her wider group of friends and well-wishers, the bride-to-be…. typed out the engagement story!  And emailed it to those who asked for the scoop.  How organised is that?!?!  Amazing!

She has of course promised us a verbatim account of what happened, which will no doubt be the topic of conversation at our upcoming meeting.

Congratulations DJ and DA! Mwah!!!

Talking of weddings, each month, I welcome news of newly engaged couples, scream down the phone with girlfriends and start planning what I’m going to wear.  And as crazy as it sounds, a few days to the event, I always cast a thought towards the wedding cake – will it be traditional fruit, or avant garde marble cake?  Will it be fresh and moist or will the couple and bakery have concluded to cut corners, lower costs and make the cake a few days in advance ensuring it tastes dry and sticks to the roof of my mouth?  Am I going to be able to eat this cake like a lady, or will it crumble to pieces as soon as I pick it up?  Will it be butter cream or icing sugar *retches*?  My brain works in weird and wonderful ways!

You see, I am a cake fiend.  I love the stuff.  I have cake at least once a week and wedding cakes will generally tip the balance on my overall verdict.

I recently watched an episode of Don’t Tell the Bride, a show in which the groom has to put together a wedding on a £12,000 budget in two weeks and on this occasion, the groom went for an Extra Terrestrial Space Age theme (?!#*?!).  Each to their own and I guess it’s good for men to express themselves and leave their stamp on a day which is traditionally organised by women.  HOWEVER, in line with the space age theme, the groom chose… a space ship wedding cake!!!  Mess with my cake and you mess with me!  I dread to think about the amount of colours and preservatives used to bring that multi-coloured mass of cake mix to life!  Blueeergh!

Image courtesy of BBC Three

No doubt I’m set to see some amazing looking, delicious tasting cakes this year.  What kind of wedding cake will you go for?


2 Responses to “The Mrs Club! …and Wedding Cake”

  1. feyi dimples! January 4, 2012 at 21:41 #

    LMAO @ ”Mess with my cake, mess with me”….hehehe! but seriously, no excuses for getting the cake wrong….
    Kudos mami! love eeeet!!!!…and congrats to Miss DJ…. 😀

  2. angel January 26, 2012 at 07:37 #

    Awwwww merci beacoup my lovely!

    That cake is errr… Ewww! Definitely not for a wedding! Lol got that battle ahead of me.. We shall see. Xx

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