8 Feb

Check out Remi, one of our Lady Wot Brunch’s review of the popular Nigerian spot 805!

Low Radio FreQ

If you are Nigerian reading this blog and you have never heard of 805, to be quite frank, you should be ashamed of yourself! 805 is pretty much in a league of its own in delivering good quality Nigerian cuisine. Tucked away on the Old Kent Road, south London, this place is a sought after restaurant for some good food. The annoying thing about 805 is that it likes to revel in it’s own pomp in being the most popular Nigerian joint in London. This can be seen by the questionable customer service by the waiter (experiences of haughty waitresses who take their time to attend to your needs), to the questionable pricing structure – you actually get charged a bit more for the same dish if you decide to eat it within the Executive room which to be honest is not that much of an upgrade to the ‘regular’…

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