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Food at the Ideal Home Show

28 May

This post is long overdue (again, apologies!)

In March, my lovely Mummy convinced me to go with her to the Ideal Home show and whilst I believed I would be traipsing around Earl’s Court for hours looking at curtains, dining tables and sofas, I was pleasantly surprised.  Downstairs was full of the afore mentioned, but upstairs, there was a whole section dedicated to food!  I guess the organisers realised how important a role food plays in households today and it was only right to pay homage to good nosh!

Similar to the set up of the Taste events, there were several restaurants with stands encouraging visitors to sample their cuisine.  My favourite was the sweet stand – heaven on earth!  There were hundreds of sweets to try and feast the eyes on!  I could only get through a few though 😦

It was also at the Ideal Home Show that I tried the Cadbury’s Philadelphia mash up for the first time.  The stand was covered by enthiusiastic women singing and dancing and the sample spread was served on mini crostinis.  Bellissimo!  It has become a firm favourite on my monthly shopping list!

The Ideal Home Show comes round once a year, so keep your eyes peeled for the 2013 event…

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