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Brunching Abroad

14 Oct

I recently went on holiday to Dubai and Bangkok and what an experience it was!

I had an amazing time with my Mummy, exploring the best of what the Middle and Far East had to offer.

What struck me in Dubai, aside from the plush luxury provided in all table services and the vast amounts of money which have been ploughed into the amazing Emirate, was the similarity in fast food choices with both the UK and USA.  Chains such as Nandos, PF Changs and Popeye’s Chicken were in abundance, ensuring the large expat community would never feel too far from home.

In Bangkok, food itself was an entirely different experience.  Despite the crazy chaos which engulfs the capital, food was a stable and respected fix to be found everywhere.  Street vendors were rife, providing a bevvy of fresh, fried, boiled and baked fruit, vegetables, pulses and meats.  The choices were numerous, and despite my reservations at the beginning, I was persuaded to try some of it…  Two chicken drumsticks, bespoke special fried rice and a cup of pineapple later, I was hooked!  

In short (though it wasn’t strictly brunch 😛 ) eating abroad, trying both the local and more familiar foods went hand in hand with my amazing oriental fortnight.


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