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Food at the Ideal Home Show

28 May

This post is long overdue (again, apologies!)

In March, my lovely Mummy convinced me to go with her to the Ideal Home show and whilst I believed I would be traipsing around Earl’s Court for hours looking at curtains, dining tables and sofas, I was pleasantly surprised.  Downstairs was full of the afore mentioned, but upstairs, there was a whole section dedicated to food!  I guess the organisers realised how important a role food plays in households today and it was only right to pay homage to good nosh!

Similar to the set up of the Taste events, there were several restaurants with stands encouraging visitors to sample their cuisine.  My favourite was the sweet stand – heaven on earth!  There were hundreds of sweets to try and feast the eyes on!  I could only get through a few though 😦

It was also at the Ideal Home Show that I tried the Cadbury’s Philadelphia mash up for the first time.  The stand was covered by enthiusiastic women singing and dancing and the sample spread was served on mini crostinis.  Bellissimo!  It has become a firm favourite on my monthly shopping list!

The Ideal Home Show comes round once a year, so keep your eyes peeled for the 2013 event…

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For Deborah Wot Dines… At Asia De Cuba!

23 May

I have been a little behind with blog posts, which is so rubbish (I know!)  So I’m attempting to do better!

A coupla weeks back my lovely friend treated me to dinner at Asia de Cuba in St. Martin’s Lane Hotel, near Leicester Square, London.  The restaurant fuses Latin American and Japanese cuisine and it’s not just the food that’s a treat.  Everything about the place is spectactular!  From the decor designed by renowed Phillipe Stark with it’s low hung lights, white wash walls and random book n’ photo frame pillars to the electric atmosphere, the venue is fun, flirty and super sexxxy!

The service was excellent and our camp Italian waiter ensured we had enough information to make informed dinner decisions and talking of the food, it was amaaazing too!  The menu comprises of sharing dishes, which arrive in generous portions.  We ordered the Calamari Salad and glazed Pork Belly for starters and Gambas Gigantes Mai Tai with a side of lobster mash for mains, all from the à la carte menu.  ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!  The salad was gorgeous and even my friend, a typical non-salad-eating male, had to commend it and it’s sumptuous orange drizzle dressing.  The Pork Belly was succulent and juicy mmmmm!  And the prawns were also HUGE and delish.  By this point, we were stuffed from our starter, but we gave both the prawns and the lobster mash a good go.  If you prefer to try a little bit of everything, there is also a set menu available.  Washed down with copious amounts of red wine, we didn’t have any room left for afters, but the dessert menu also looked emotional!

“For global travelers with a cultured palate and a love of variety, Asia de Cuba restaurant, overseen by renowned international restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow, combines elements of Asian and Cuban cuisine served sharing-style in a high energy London restaurant. Housed in a dramatically colonnaded space, Asia de Cuba’s innovative menu is matched in its surroundings by a dramatic series of soaring art columns.”

The above excerpt is from the restaurant’s website and I couldn’t agree more.  The food was fabulous, my dinner date was awesome and the diners nearby were adorable.  Can you believe that we engaged in a half hour conversation with an elderly and might I add, acutely hip n’ happening American couple?  The restaurant attracts the best of the best!  My hat goes off to executive Chef Paul Whittick, who has taken trendy dining to a new level.  It’s simply a must-visit restaurant!  You gotta go try it for yourself!

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Cake Cake Cake!

24 Apr

…And it’s not even my birthday!  But this month, we had several Brunch Club birthday celebrations.  And what better way to enjoy and celebrate than eating plenty of cake?

Absolute heaven!

Check out photos from the #AprilBabiesRock Birthday Series

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I hope you’ve had opportunities to stuff your face with cake like I have this month.

The gym and I will take our relationship to the next level in May!

Two Ladies Wot Dine à la française

15 Apr

As I’m sure you have gathered, I love food, I love dining and I love my girlfriends, so whenever I’m able to combine all three variables, I am one happy bunny!

I recently had dinner with my darling-ette and fellow Lady Wot Brunches Feyi and what a fabulous time we had!  We went to Coq D’Argent on 1 Poultry, Bank (do you get it?  Coq + Poultry = chicken theme!) for some catching up, business chat and of course a good old goss!  The food on this occassion was an added bonus!

Coq D’Argent is a French restaurant, with plenty of good French fare on the menu.  From the themed lift which takes you to the top floor, to the wonderful service and fun and flirty atmosphere, as a slick City worker, you would appreciate it.  As a non-City worker, you’d also find a certain charm in the restaurant which is small enough to accommodate the intimacy required for a dinner for 2 and yet not too big to become a mass haven for wannabe cool cats (you know the type that always want to be seen, talking loudly and obnoxiously about absolute sh!t!).  I’d been craving snails since our trip to Paris, so when I spotted them on the menu, I jumped straight at the opportunity!  Yummy!  They were seasoned and cooked very well, although it took a little while to work out how to get them out of the shell!

The highlight of the meal I think were the desserts.  Not only were they ridiculously well presented and decorated, they tasted soooo good!

Contrary to what the title suggest, we did NOT receive all our food at once and instead, it came out in a staggered but appreciated order.  If you’re based in the city, or fancy a bite to eat in the Capital’s business district, make sure you pay the restaurant a visit.  We loved it!

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Happy Easter!

9 Apr

Hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter full of joy, happiness and plenty of chocolate eggs!

My weekend has consisted of these… Muahahahahaha!

Off to the Townhouse!

5 Apr

I love Afternoon Tea.  When the sun is shining, the weather is sweet and time is on your side, spending the afternoon with  girlfriends, sipping tea and nibbling sweet and savoury treats is luuurvely!

My lovely friend Rebecca “Bexabelle” recently invited me to Dean Street Townhouse, the Soho hotel-cum-restaurant-cum-hang out haven.  The venue itself was very nice and had a bit of a shabby chic feel to it.  Low lighting and the murmured din of cultured conversation also make it a celeb favourite (there was an undisclosed star in the restaurant that afternoon and we were promptly banned from taking photos with flash… Booo!)

Food and service on the day were not all that great unfortunately.  I’ve definitely had better elsewhere.  Still, it was lovely seeing the Ladies and resting my feet from the killer heels I was wearing that day (who asked me to wear them?  I honestly don’t know!)

Have you been to Dean Street Townhouse?   Is it better on a different day?  What are your thoughts?  Let us know!

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Burger Bashers!

26 Mar

As well as being a devout cake fiend, I am also a part-time burger scoffer.  When I met up with my glamtastic friend Ruki, and as we paced the Soho Streets (NOT in search of its dodgy red lights!), we couldn’t decide on what to eat.  Sushi?  Tapas?  Fruits de Mer?  The possibilities were endless!  We then stumbled across Byron, the American burger chain, which up until that day I didn’t realise existed EVERYWHERE!  Our tired feet and rumbly tummies coerced us into the Soho joint and I’m so happy we did so!  The menu is simple, but sufficient especially if you’re after a quick bite to eat.  And whilst it does not have an exhaustive menu to rival GBK, it is inexpensive and there are literally a million of them in London town, so will never be hard to find!

Check it out!

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21 Mar

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For Ladies Wot Brunch loves DVS Bakery!

19 Mar

One of Ladies Wot Brunch has literally just introduced me to this blog – You ghasta check it out!

The DVS gals specialise in baked treats, which can be purchased online via their website DVS Bakery, and seeing as I haven’t given up cakes for lent this year, and I share their cake obsession (caaaaaake!) I shall be sampling their delicacies in the near future.  More updates to follow!

Join these four sisters with a passion for good food on their culinary journey.

Homage to the Pancake!

21 Feb

Hoorah!  Today is pancake day!  I’ll skip the history which details how it all came about, simply because you probably already know all of that great information.  What I WILL DO is join you in salivating over some of our favourite pancakes from our past brunches and some delicious pancakes and crepes which were made today.  YUM!

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I have a love affair with pancakes and I’m not afraid to say it!

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