For Ladies wot Brunch… At Harvey Nichols!

2 Apr

March 25th was special for 2 reasons: One, it marked the one month anniversary of our faaabulous trip to Paris and two, it was the date of our March meeting: a meeting with a twist.  Now we usually meet up on Saturday as it’s the perfect prelude to the weekend, but this time I thought it would be nice to switch it up and meet on a glorious Sunday afternoon instead.  The venue chosen was Harvey Nichols’ famous Fifth Floor Restaurant in the heart of Knightsbridge, London.


Booking on this occasion should have been straight forward, but unfortunately ended up being sticky tricky.  Being the organised person that I am, once the date was confirmed, I wanted to book the restaurant as early as possible to avoid disappointment and first booked the restaurant a month in advance.  The reservation was made via TopTable and my confirmation email came through a day later.  HOWEVER for some reason unbeknown to me, the reservation was cancelled.  Between TopTable and Harvey Nichols, there was an apparent miscommunication and in the end I had to go directly to the restaurant myself to secure the booking and arrange the deposit.  Note to self: if you need something done, Do It Yaself!


As ever, whenever we get together, we’re bound to have hilarious conversation.  Our new Ladies who joined us for Afternoon Tea brought a refreshing outlook to the group and introduced some new remixed vocabulary such as having a “discerning descending spirit” (I can’t shouuut!), whilst our existing members continued to have us in stitches of laughter.  Here are some of the things discussed:

Bedmatics!  Yes BEDMATICS aka the mathematics of the BEDROOM!  Please don’t readjust your screen, this is now a real and official Brunch Club term!  We were told about a friend who was having her final send off to her husband’s household after the wedding ceremony, a tradition in Nigerian culture.  As the bride sat in her husband’s family home and listened to the pearls of wisdom being bestowed upon her from a female elder, there was one particularly heavy pearl which landed with full force:  “…And if your husband wants to sleep with you, don’t deny him access o!  Give him all the bedmatics necessary!”  At this point, we burst into fits of laughter, and had to catch our breath before we were able to receive the broken down definition of bedmatics.  So, what are bedmatics??

Well it turns out that women from Calabar in Southeast Nigeria have the gift of the goodies and know exactly how to turn the heat up in the bedroom.  Fascinating!  And if care is not taken, and conjugal gymnastics are not performed for the said husbands, the common (but not absolute) notion is that there is a Calabar lady ready to funk it up on the wife’s behalf.  As the saying goes, anything you can do, I can do better and whilst we may be classy Ladies Wot Brunch, we’re not too stuck up to learn new tricks and have since put out adverts for Calabar Ladies to teach us de ting!

Commitment Rings make the difference: Rings are of course a big deal in the group and one our lovely Ladies who is also married was giving us the low down.  Being on point with her bling bling swag, she discussed the importance of her rings.  Before she got married, she was given a commitment ring and we were told it made such a diference.  After an argument, when things looked bleak, she’d look down at the ring and think “if we were married, what would I do?”  If her and her other half came to loggerheads and they both wanted to just go their separate ways, she’d glance at her ring and again ask “would this be enough of a reason to call it a day?”  Even after trivial things such as him leaving the toilet seat up, she’d chuckle whilst eyeing her ring and ask, “would I divorce him over this?”  And in all cases, the resounding answer was no.  The commitment ring proved to be a symbol of patience and unity, something which is so important for both courting and married couples.  It was food for thought.  Ladies (and gents) make sure you apply patience and really take the time to think things out thoroughly in your relationships from here on out…

My Bride Price is STILL high!  Sunday was absolutely stunning and as we slinkily stepped out of the restaurant we thought it would be a waste to end the day there.  So we went to the Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel nearby for some post tea drinks.  As we walked in, one of our effervescent Ladies said – and I quote – “if our Bride price is still high, someone will be buying our drinks for us today.”  We all laughed and left it there, seeing as chivalry in London is pretty much dead and the likelihood of this becoming a reality was slim.  We were seated, ordered our drinks, laughed and gisted as we sipped our cocktails and wine.  And when the time came, we asked for the bill and paid up, ready to leave, only to be approached by the waiter with the following message, “the gentleman across the way has offered to order you another round of drinks if you’d care to stay…”  HAAAA!  The said gentleman was completely inconspicuous and it was only when we did some investigation that we discovered who he was.  After thanking him and engaging in some light conversation, we discovered he was on a business trip from Canada and had been so riveted by our varied conversation, ranging from politics, to bedmatics(!) that he couldn’t bear for us to leave just yet and wanted the charming chatter to continue.  We of course happily obliged!  Cheers to you sir, you are a true gentleman!


As you would expect, Afternoon Tea is a social pastime, bringing gorgeous Ladies together to catch up whilst nibbling on some light munchies which are designed to be eaten in a ladylike manner.  And so I was expecting to be greeted with an assortment of finger food, and nothing more.  To be honest, the sandwiches, cakes, pastries and scones by definition are finger food(!) but there was so much of it, that I was actually full!  Or maybe that was my motor mouth action which usurped my appetite?!

The general consensus was that the sandwiches were fine and varied, ranging from mini salmon and cream cheese sesame bagels to egg rolls, chocolate ganache and battenburg cake to plain and fruit scones served with clotted cream and exclusive Harvey Nichols preserve.  The vegetarian and cheese-free varieties were also very tasty.  However, the dishes which stole the show were the ones ordered from the á la carte menu.  Duck parfait and fish cakes – yummy!  We’ll definitely have to return and sample the á la carte menu robustly!


We were greeted by our immaculately dressed hostess (her skin, dress and nails were stunning!) who ensured everything was done accordingly on the day.  From rearranging the tables to allow the large group of Ladies to sit together, to organising extra sandwiches free of charge for those of us with a heavier appetite, we were very pleased with the service rendered on the day.


The restaurant represents a piece of Knightbridge luxury, with large windows which allow you to bask in the glorious sunshine and phenomenal floral arrangements reminiscent of a private botanical garden.  The varied clientele was an added bonus: the gorgeous elderly guests were so sweet and complimentary to the group and the trendy young’uns joined us for a bit of afternoon banter.  As we roll deep wherever we go, we are always a focal point of the venue, and during the afternoon we were constantly asked what we were celebrating.  My response:

“Every day is a day worth celebrating!”

The winning factor of the day was being in the company of gorgeously dressed, witty women.  If we are to return, I think we’ll skip the Afternoon Tea and instead sample the á la carte menu.  But that said, whatever we eat, wherever we go, no doubt it will be a fun-filled, laughter infused time.  The Ladies Wot Brunch are a great bunch.  They’re amazing.  And a great group to have Afternoon Tea at Harvey Nichols with.  Fantastique!

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Burger Bashers!

26 Mar

As well as being a devout cake fiend, I am also a part-time burger scoffer.  When I met up with my glamtastic friend Ruki, and as we paced the Soho Streets (NOT in search of its dodgy red lights!), we couldn’t decide on what to eat.  Sushi?  Tapas?  Fruits de Mer?  The possibilities were endless!  We then stumbled across Byron, the American burger chain, which up until that day I didn’t realise existed EVERYWHERE!  Our tired feet and rumbly tummies coerced us into the Soho joint and I’m so happy we did so!  The menu is simple, but sufficient especially if you’re after a quick bite to eat.  And whilst it does not have an exhaustive menu to rival GBK, it is inexpensive and there are literally a million of them in London town, so will never be hard to find!

Check it out!

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For Ladies Wot Brunch… At Harvey Nichols (Sally’s Snippet)

25 Mar

Today we went to The Fifth Floor Restaurant in Harvey Nichols and I had such a fabulous time.  It was sooooo wonderful!

The full blog post will be coming shortly, but in the interim, check out what our lovely Sally thought here.

And make sure you check out her blog too!

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21 Mar

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For Ladies Wot Brunch loves DVS Bakery!

19 Mar

One of Ladies Wot Brunch has literally just introduced me to this blog – You ghasta check it out!

The DVS gals specialise in baked treats, which can be purchased online via their website DVS Bakery, and seeing as I haven’t given up cakes for lent this year, and I share their cake obsession (caaaaaake!) I shall be sampling their delicacies in the near future.  More updates to follow!

Join these four sisters with a passion for good food on their culinary journey.

For Ladies Wot Brunch… In Paris!

12 Mar

After months of planning, several hundred emails and countless meetings, Saturday 25th February 2012, the date of our very first trip abroad arrived!  Woopie!  The crisp morning welcomed 15 effervescent young ladies, ready to have fun and rock ‘n’ roll in the French capital.

We met bright and early at St. Pancras International Station and everyone was surprisingly alert and perky!  Although, this may be attributed to the copious amounts of caffeine which was bought and consumed in record timing (we had to drink all liquids before passing through security!).

After a few hours of gist with each other, networking with the other passengers (everyone in our carriage knew who For Ladies Wot Brunch were by the time we arrived in Gare Du Nord!) miniature munchies and several aggregate hours of power naps, we arrived in Paris, ready to show the Parisians how fabulous we were!

The countless hours spent planning the trip meant that we had an airtight itinerary: every minute was accounted for!  Our day’s activities included a trip to the stunning Louvre Museum, sightseeing at the Eiffel Tour, a cruise along the River Seine and shopping in Galleries Lafayette and environs.  But of course, with plenty of activities, we expected we’d build up a hearty appetite and so a sumptuous pit stop for a delicious dejeuner would be required.


Chez Francoise, situated near the Eiffel Tour was the venue chosen for our French lunching experience.  My research churned out rave reviews, and the restaurant promised to have something to offer each diner.  On arriving at the restaurant, we were a bit sceptical: from the outside, it was not the most glamorous, nor the swanky looking of venues, however on entering, all our fears were allayed.  The decor was low key luxury, mood lighting relaxed our eyes and hushed French accents created a sumptuous background hum.  We were seated at our table and swiftly greeted with complimentary champagne.  Salud!

As the majority of us opted for the seasonal set menu, we ended up having an array of French dishes spread across our table.  The voyeuristic diner in me was disappointed that typical French fare such as snails and crème brûlée were not on the menu, but of course, this didn’t stop me from ordering: I was starving!

The group’s favourites on the menu were the Game Pâté for starters, the Cod with Langoustine Linguini and Parsley Sauce for mains and the Chocolate Fondant cake with Vanilla Pod Ice Cream for dessert.   Several of the Ladies, who initially ordered the veal for their main course, ended up having to send it back and order the cod instead, complaining that it tasted like kidneys…  Ewww!

Although the food was not to everyone’s taste, where the food fell short, the service and decor made up for it by a mile.  Our personal waiter Luke, was an absolute darling!  Catering to 15 divas is no easy feat, but he handled us like a gentleman answering the several translation questions we had and effecting and fetching various amendments to our orders.

The restaurant staff overall were also fantastic, greeting us with their suave French charm and bringing out the food and drinks graciously.  They even corroborated with my sneaky plan to organise a birthday cake for one of our Ladies who was celebrating her birthday that day and all came out to sing joyeux anniversaire to accompany the celebratory sponge cake.  Tres joli!


As you can imagine, there were several gist fuelled conversations, lots of picture taking and lots of shopping!  Here are the highlights of the day:

Louvre-licious Ladies: As soon as we arrived at the museum en masse, it was difficult to miss us: clearly 15 glamtastic women don’t hit Paris very often!  From the security guard who was so keen to speak with us and find out about the group that he let us in for free (Dratz!  We shouldn’t have been so efficient and pre-purchased our tickets!) to the Japanese tourist who was so convinced we were models that she insisted on taking photos with us, our first stop at the home of Paris Fashion Week gave us a little snippet taster of what we could look forward to if we ever decided to change careers…

Snooze and you don’t lose! After a hefty 2.5 hour lunch and a last minute dash to make our River Seine cruise, we were all happy to rest our feet and view Paris from the comfort of the luxury liner.  Some were perhaps a little too happy…  It was perfect for a power nap! Zzzzzzzz!

Macaroon Wars: by the time we arrived at Galleries Lafayette, there was limited time available to shop.  Throughout the course of the day, the Ladies had quietly joined one of two camps: Ladurée or Pierre Hermé Macaroons.  Which do you prefer?  Both sides presented their arguments, laced with personal experience and filled with pride.  When the culmination point arrived, the Ladies purchased several boxes of delicious french fancy.  I personally could not reach a conclusion, perhaps another 2-3 boxes will help me decide… Tee hee hee!


I can honestly say that the day was an absolute blessing.  The laughter, the company and the positive energy made The Brunch Club’s first trip abroad a memorable one.

A huge thank you goes to Feyi who worked with me closely to plan the trip and of course each and every single Lady Wot Brunches who attended and ensured the day was a success.  They brought exactly what they were asked to: positivity, a smile and the penchant to have some fun!  I’m already itching to plan the next trip!

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Ebony’s Wedding! The Perfect Dress

10 Mar

As a little girl, I used to long to get married, just so I could design my wedding dress and look somewhat like Disney characters’ glamorous ladies, with the big ball gown, tiny waist and full round bust. I never stopped to think for a second whether the idea of the perfect dress I had as a kid would suit my taste and body shape as an adult. Luckily, when I started looking for my ideal wedding dress, the idea of a Disney dress quickly evaporated from my mind. I mean they are beautiful on the dolls on Disney channel, but it just won’t fit my body structure, and even if it did, I would like to think my style has evolved since my Disney days!

Another myth I had about the perfect dress was that it would take me days and days and weeks if necessary to find it. I thought I would go from bridal shop to bridal shop, trying on an endless number of dresses while my friends sat in the next room eagerly waiting for me to come out in the dress so they could sigh awwwww and wipe a few tears from their faces. This myth was again quickly squashed with my actual experience. I understand for some girls, this actually happens and is not a myth for them, but seeing as I intend on getting married just once and I found my dress in the first shop I went into, it remains a myth for me.

We set the date for our wedding about 3 weeks after we got engaged. The wedding date was set for 8 months time. I assumed I had plenty of time. My parents are doing the bulk of the planning and all I needed to do was sort myself and the bridesmaids out and make sure my fiancé did the same. However, 8 months slowly turned into 7 months and I still did not have a dress. I had looked online to get an idea of what I wanted. I was so convinced I wanted a Justin Alexander dress as he seemed to be the only one that made dresses with decent sleeves that both I would like and that wouldn’t make my church in Nigeria send me packing when I got to the altar. You see, when getting married in Nigeria, one of the biggest pains is finding a dress that the vicar and Church folk will find acceptable. If its too short, too tight, or God forbid, reveals your delicate features, you will NOT be allowed to get married!  I soon called a few bridal shops close to me to do a price check just to give me an idea of how much I should expect to spend. The one closest to me was £200 pounds more expensive than the second bridal shop I called. The second shop was also doing a January sale which meant if I ordered my dress or placed a deposit of £100 before the end of January, I would get another 10% off my purchase. Fantastic!

So I tried to book an appointment at the second bridal shop to find that the next 3 or 4 Saturdays were already booked! This was really frustrating: I mean, how many people are getting married really?! This meant that I had to take time off work to go and try on dresses. I went into the bridal shop with an open mind, consciously deciding to try on the Justin Alexander dress I thought I wanted last, just so I would not have a biased opinion on the other dresses. I picked a few dresses with sleeves which I thought looked nice on me and then the shop assistant suggested I tried on a boob tube wedding gown. My thoughts went to what my mum’s face would look like if she saw me in this, then to what the church would say and so on. However, once I’d tried on the boob tube dress, I could not deny the fact that it fitted perfectly and despite telling myself I was not going to buy a boob tube wedding dress because I wanted to be comfortable when I was dancing and didn’t want to worry about my boobs seeping out, I ended up buying a boob tube dress! On a few conditions though…

I expressed my worries to the shop assistant and she showed me all the support the dress had inside: a zip and 2 layers of buttons to keep me strapped in. Then, she showed me this beautiful jacket I could also wear on top of the dress (not like boleros, I’m not a huge fan of boleros). Unlike boleros, the jacket covered my chest and buttoned up at the back. The buttons matched my dress and basically the jacket looked like it was part of the dress. I was thrilled!

My joy was very short lived! I knew my mum wouldn’t understand if I tried to explain the dress and jacket to her. Once she heard boobtube, she would have switched off, so the plan was not to tell her. However, my dearest thought it would be a good idea to pass it through my mum so we could jump through all the hoops now. Let’s just say the conversation with my mum about the dress ended up in tears! And of course by then I had already paid a deposit for both the dress and jacket!

So I cancelled the jacket before it was too late, just until I figured out what I wanted to do. I knew for sure I wanted my beautiful dress but just passing it through my mum and church was going to be a problem. I spoke to my mum and then got my friend to go to my church with a picture of the jacket to ask the vicar’s wife if it was acceptable. The vicar’s secretary said NEVER!  “The dress had to be long sleeved and we may even accept if it reaches your elbow!”  When my friend told me, I just laughed and thought what a joker!

She eventually saw the vicar’s wife and apparently although my chest is modestly covered and they can’t see any cleavage whatsoever, the fact that they can see my arms is an issue, especially as they can see my armpits! So, I would need to add sleeves to the jacket. Sigh. At this point, I had wished I allowed my dad get his way so we would be getting married in England instead of jumping through these unnecessary hoops in Nigeria.

I resulted to calling my designer to ask if I could buy the exact same material the jacket was made from along with the dress.  They said to ask my bridal shop to call them and they’d arrange something. For an extra £115 I now have a solution to cover my armpits. Hahaha! When my dress arrives, I’ll go for a fitting and the material should have also arrived by then. I’ll then decide what length of sleeve will suit my look.

I am slightly upset though… Oh well.. Its all for a good cause. As long as at the end of the day I’ll be married to my dearest, they can dress me in sacks all they want!

PS: Of course the jacket will be coming off at the reception 😉

PPS: I need to order my veil…  Lacey? Long, short, medium length… None?  Decisions decisions…

Homage to the Pancake!

21 Feb

Hoorah!  Today is pancake day!  I’ll skip the history which details how it all came about, simply because you probably already know all of that great information.  What I WILL DO is join you in salivating over some of our favourite pancakes from our past brunches and some delicious pancakes and crepes which were made today.  YUM!

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I have a love affair with pancakes and I’m not afraid to say it!

For Ladies Wot…. Ahhh! It’s Games Night!

18 Feb

Saturday 11th February was the evening on which we had our very first Games Night: Hoorah!  As Ladies Wot Brunch, Dine and generally like to have a good time, we’re always looking for new and exciting things to do.  And given the fact that this year, the month of February is spectacularly different and hosts an extra day, we decided to switch things up too and have a catch up with a twist.

We all really enjoyed the impromptu games played at our last meeting and so it was decided that a chillaxed Games Night was the way to go.  Our lovely and bona fide hostess with the mostest Feyi welcomed us into her home and ensured we had a fabulous evening.  And what a barrel of laughs it was!  We chatted, laughed and ate way too many sweets, chocolates, biscuits and savoury nibbles and washed it all down with copious glasses of wine and soft drinks.  To make sure we didn’t lose our foodie element, we also ordered a whopping… Chinese takeaway!  YUMMY!

Here are some of the evening’s highlights:

Not one, not two, BUT THREE engagement stories!  Alas, we are amidst a wedding frenzy and the evening welcomed three beaming brides-to-be who had us all oohing and ahhhing at their romantic stories.  Awww!  Check out the bling bling action!

Taboo Teams Rock!  It’s inevitabe that whenever games are played, competitive streaks begin to emerge and the Ladies show their true colours.  We played several rounds of Taboo, each one highlighting descriptive prowess and very loud voices!  Hilarious!

Supporting the cause: The evening was also dubbed a Show and Tell opportunity and the Ladies were invited to bring along their business ventures.  From sexy jewellery to glamtastic hair extensions, there was lots to see and even more to buy!

A huge thank you goes to Feyi for hosting us and to each one of the Ladies Wot Brunch who attended and made our Games Night the enjoyable evening that it was 🙂

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8 Feb

Check out Remi, one of our Lady Wot Brunch’s review of the popular Nigerian spot 805!

Low Radio FreQ

If you are Nigerian reading this blog and you have never heard of 805, to be quite frank, you should be ashamed of yourself! 805 is pretty much in a league of its own in delivering good quality Nigerian cuisine. Tucked away on the Old Kent Road, south London, this place is a sought after restaurant for some good food. The annoying thing about 805 is that it likes to revel in it’s own pomp in being the most popular Nigerian joint in London. This can be seen by the questionable customer service by the waiter (experiences of haughty waitresses who take their time to attend to your needs), to the questionable pricing structure – you actually get charged a bit more for the same dish if you decide to eat it within the Executive room which to be honest is not that much of an upgrade to the ‘regular’…

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